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We primarily offer reliable Technical Design, Installation, Service and Repair of all electronic facilities. To these belong in particular:


  • Certified Satellite-, Cable- und IP-Television Installation (for Business and Home)
  • Internet and Phone Systems Installation, Construction of Data Networks (for Business and Home)
  • Equipment of Conference Facilities and Common Areas with Video Projectors and (disappearing) Screens, as well as Digital Signage (Hard- and Software)
  • Designing Home-Cinema Arrangements
  • Video-Transmission and -Control, as well as Smart Home Installation


Moreover, we offer the following services:


  • Selling, Arrangement and Instruction of all kind of Consumer Electronics [TV-Sets, Audio-(Tube)Receivers und -Amplifiers, Tape-Recorders, Record Players, PCs and so on]. We provide devices produced – for example – by SONY, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, REVOX, DUAL, APPLE and many other well known manufacturers.
  • Internet and Telephone Access Agency
  • Repair of Electronic Devices (Meisterwerkstatt)


Some specific information for our English speaking custumers

Television Receiving Systems

With a satellite television installation it is possible to receive a lot of national (German) and international channels (for some examples see below). Many of the channels are free to view. For the pay-per-view channels you additionally need a subscription.




Cable television is relatively easy to connect to, requiring only a digital receiver and a subscription agreement. There are about 40 channels on the cable (depending on where you're located). Most of them broadcast in German, but you usually get the likes of CNN, CNBC, MTV and BBC World. The difference between cable television and terrestrial (DVB-T) or satellite television (DVB-S) is that cable usually involves a connection fee as well as a monthly subscription. Cable TV is not available all over Germany.

IP television is the transmission of television (digital video and audio) through data networks such as DSL. IP television services are typically on a subscription basis paid for by the end user.

Television license

If you live in Germany and you own a radio, a television or a computer, then you are obliged to pay the TV license fee (Rundfunkgebühr), once per household, which is used to pay the German public broadcasting services.


Phone System and Data Network Installation for Business and Home

If you want to find the best service for your telephone needs, you’ve come to the right place. It is extremely important to get telephone service that is right for you, when you need it, where you need it, and it’s especially important that it’s done right the first time. If your system is not installed properly, the inability to use your phones can put a hold on the efficiency of your business.



Our Data Networks provide full service, enterprise-wide technology solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Besides internal solutions, we provide you e.g. with online (VPN) connections to your firm in order to allow working from home





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